Remediare Solutions: "Using the secrets of nature to heal our world"

  • Soil and water contamination have been an historical issue facing commercial enterprises.

  • The environmental and health issues in today's society require new approaches to remediate tainted soil and water tables.

  • The utilization of an organic/chemical free bio-stimulant product that neutralizes and dissolves petroleum-based chemicals can provide significant cost and time savings to make soil and water more usable and profitable.


ON Land - Soli

  • Residual Pesticides - By strategically combining compounds found in plants and marine life, we supercharge nature"s ability to heal, or remediate soil. Using our all natural, organic products, we unlock the power of nature and attack pesticides on a molecular level by breaking apart the residual solvents into their basic elements, rendering them inert. Thus, by cleansing the soil and rendering the earth beneath capable of sustaining healthy plant life, food sources are cleaner and organically pure. As an ancillary benefit, healthier plants are more capable of fighting pests, fungus and mold using it"s built in, natural defenses. Less chemicals means better produce.

  • Petroleum Ground Pollution - Variations of the same natural ingredients are exceptionally effective in rendering petroleum pollution inert, once again by breaking down the compounds to their primary elements - carbon and hydrogen. Attacking this type of pollution as it plumes in the ground, we can remediate before it reaches the water table and help cleanse petroleum polluted ground water as well.

  • Industrial Environmental Pollution - The solvents used in industry, mostly petroleum based, can be rendered inert and safer for the environment and its inhabitants. Long term effects of industrial cleaning products in the ground can be neutralized. Positive environmental impact promotes healthy living spaces.

  • Heavy Metals - Part of the challenge in remediating heavy metal pollution getting the metals to move to a point where it can be removed via conventional methods. Our unique formulations unbind the metal pollutants from their stationary position allowing them to be moved and removed safely and completely.

In Water - Aqua

  • Surface Runoff - Cleaner, chemical free soil prevents toxic runoff, in rivers, lakes, ponds and streams. Residual petroleum-based fertilizers, pesticides and pollutants are neutralized before they get to the water sources. Marine animal and plant life are safe from the hazards of toxic chemicals introduced into the ecosystem.

  • Algae bloom - a growing problem in lakes, rivers and many other public waterways, variations of our formulas eliminate algae bloom without harming fish and wildlife in a relatively short period of time. The increasing problem of public contact with the algae and bacteria can be eliminated safely and organically.

At Remediare Solutions, we are dedicated to the science of cleaning our environment using the power of nature and the creativity of science. Go to our contact page and email or call us to discuss how we can be of service for your environmental pollution needs.

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