Frequently Asked Questions

What fruits and vegetables do best with Symbiosis AGx?

Symbiosis AGx is an advanced biostimulant that incorporates both a chemical and a biological boost to plants and soil microbes. We have not discovered any plants that do not benefit from the organic carbon, the unique metabolites, the ionic minerals.

Once I order the product, when should I expect delivery?

Orders are shipped on a first come, first served basis. Most of the time, we have Symbiosis Agx in stock and can ship immediately. When backlogs occur (which they do occasionally), we reserve the time frame of 4 weeks lead time so we can provide you the quality product our growers have come to love and expect. Please allow at least 4 weeks for us to get Symbiosis Agx to your doorstep.

How many times per growing season should I use Symbiosis Agx as a foliar spray?

The amount of applications of Symbiosis Agx is completely up to each person. We recommend no fewer than three applications and we understand that not everyone has that in their budget. So if you can do nothing else, make sure to apply Symbiosis Agx to the plant as early in its life as possible.

If I spray my crops after they start sprouting, will it do the same thing as during furrow?

This is a great question. Just like baby humans, the best time to impact a plant is in the "womb" or in the case of plants, in the furrow (this is when you put the seed in the ground). Depending on the plant you are growing, there are key times when Symbiosis Agx will do the most good. Some examples include: Corn (Furrow, V3, V9), Soybeans (Furrow, V3, R1), Hay/Alfalfa (furrow, after every cutting), Wheat (furrow, stage 3 tillering, Stage 9), Fruit trees (after each rain to prevent scab, when flowering, immediately after harvest). There are far too many species of plants to put them all on here so if you have a specific crop in mind, please call your local representative and we will make sure you get the information you need.

How well does it work with carrots? Or any vegetable for that matter?

One of the primary concerns for growing vegetables is growing vegetables that contain higher "brix". Brix, for winemakers, represents the amount of sugar in the fruit. It's a vital measurement when making wine. In the case of vegetables (or hay or corn, etc) brix represents not just the sugar a plant is producing, but also its nutrient density. At the end of the day, if you're growing food that you intend to eat (or you want to feed to other people that you love), you should want to have maximum nutrient density. Higher nutrient dense foods taste better, do not rot, and are better for you. Higher nutrient dense foods require little or no pesticides and soils that are capable of growing higher nutrient dense foods do not support weeds (i.e. little or no herbicides). This concept is at the very heart of what we do and it's this guiding principle that has driven our founder to create Symbiosis Agx

Explain the increase of the THC levels in marijuana. Is it true it increases it to 83%?

This particular plant species has been so blocked in the US for so long, and yet we still have managed to secure data about the effects of Symbiosis Agx on Cannibus. The great news about the fine growers of this crop is their extreme diligence and care they provide to their "girls". We have seen increases of up to 83% THC in plants. Symbiosis Agx brings with it not only ionic minerals, it also mobilizes nutrients in the soil and through the plants. This further reduces stress to plants and allows the plants to further express their true genetic potential. We believe that we have yet to see the true full genetic potential.

What is your main plan for distribution of Sym AGx Bio Stimulant?

Symbiosis AGx Bio Stimulant is available in various retail quantities wholesale with verifiable Ag exemption/tax identification number, as well as a franchise opportunity.

What type of PPE-personnel protective equipment- should be worn while applying Symbiosis AGx Bio Stimulant?

Since all ingredients used are organic and natural in nature there is no potential harm to humans or animals therefore requiring any kind of protective gear. However, to keep clothing from being excessively soiled any type of overalls protection is suggested as with any potentially soiling.

Is Symbiotic AGx Bio Stimulant only applicable to food crop production?


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