Our Team

Les J. Goodwin, President/CEO

Mr. Goodwin, has over 36 years' experience in corporate expansion, mergers and acquisitions, change management, income/expense management, strategic planning and execution oversight. He has formed a team of professionals to offer actionable strategies to improve performance and sustain a lasting financial impact for growth. A key factor in his success has been in creating solutions for management, owners and investors to make well-informed decisions to address challenges and takes advantage of opportunities

Heath Goldman, Director/Advisoy Services

Mr. Goldman is President/CEO of ICON Wealth and Legacy Partners. Prior to joining ICON, Heath was a member of Sagemark Consulting's Financial Planning team and worked for PaineWebber in their Private Client Group.

He acts as his client's Financial Architect. With his experiences is able to serve as a valuable resource to his client's planning team by systematically addressing each need and helping to aid in achieving his client's objectives before implementing specific recommendations. With his on-going commitment to community service in his life outside of the office, he is well versed to provide charitable planning advice in his daily discussions with clients as well.

Mr. Goldman is a graduate of the University of Arizona, where he was a Rhodes Scholarship nominee. He is past board member of the University of Arizona alumni association and a founding member and past President of Zeta Beta Tau Southern California Alumni Association.

Louis Barrie, Partner - Director/Advisoy Services

Mr. Barrie has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry with 5 years in sales management, plus an additional 5 years of experience in the cannabis industry. His cannabis experience includes consulting, manufacturing and sales of LED lighting systems for growers and development and wholesale distribution of medicated topicals to MMJ dispensaries and other legal medical outlets. Louis's industry knowledge and experience with the changing regulations bring an added dimension to the flexibility to the company.

A graduate of the University of Maryland, Louis and his wife Eileen reside in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles

Dan Pavich, Director/Advisory Services

Mr. Dan Pavich is entrepreneur at heart and at mind to solving problems.

While attending Purdue University's electrical engineering program he quickly realized he didn't like working with wires. Four years later he graduated with honors in Chemical engineering. During those years he developed interest in agriculture and biology resulting in classes that would serve him well in the coming years.

Dan worked 15 years in a Steel Mill, working first with bio-diesel fuels and then in 2002 a surprise visit from a friend one day that changed the rest of his life. The friend dumped a trailer load of fish on his lawn and told him he was a very smart guy and that he should figure out a good use for these fish. From the beginning his creation was turning heads. Gardeners were seeing larger and more flavorful plants and fruit, increase in production and deeper, richer colors in their flowers. As the word spread about this smelly, local fertilizer, many decided it was worth it. Increasingly more of the product was used on a wider diversity of applications. Small farmers over a growing span of territory experienced the benefits of a product that was known over the years by a couple of different names.

After 14 years of engineering this product, Symbiotic Ag Products, LLC is manufacturing Symbosis AGx. A product winning the respect of growers as a bio stimulant unlike any they have used before.

Ron Dharmika, Partner - Director/Business Development

Mr. Dharmika earned a Bachelor degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The Ohio State University. He worked for two Fortune 500 companies in telecommunication and automotive industry and 2 major Japanese consumer electronics companies as product development engineer.

In 2004, he decided to start his own business and co-founded an export / interior design and furnishing in Indonesia, (www.versaguna.net). The company design and furnish interior of leading international/national hotels and restaurants. Upon returning to US in 2007 and during his tenure in US commercial real estate, he came across in 2010 a Japanese Restaurant franchising opportunity based in Los Angeles, CA. Due to his interest of Japanese culture and cuisine, he decided to pursue the opportunity and grow the brand as President/CEO.

Mr. Dharmika's vast network in Southeast Asia and Western Region of US is a natural fit as a connector, who understands the need of many agricultural business.

Kenny Kam, Partner - Director/Business Development

Mr. Kam was born in Hong Kong and came to Downtown Los Angeles to work at his sister's import and export business.

He started Tiger Wholesale in 1986 doing import and export business in Downtown Los Angeles for twenty-nine years. During this time he also was a real estate investor and operator of apartment complexes and is still an active licensed realtor selling houses. As an active capitalist that is always looking for exciting and rewarding investments and owns oil wells with Texas Energy in Texas.

Mr. Kam saw the opportunity to give back to the community by joining Design Accelerator. As a mentor and educator for startups, he provides guidance and wisdom so they have a chance to be successful. The Design Accelerator has become a major game changer in the startup business. Design Accelerator teamed up Idealab to bring education, business sense, and creativity to the next level.

As a Business Facilitator he helps startups by consulting and finding investors. Mr. Kam brings genuine entrepreneur experience and a vast network with a personal touch.

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